In 2015, when Softbank purchased another 22% of Supercell, it valued the Supercell at $5.5 billion and raised its ownership to 73%. This is an astonishingly high valuation for a company that had only produced three mobile games.

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The giant Japanese based company describes itself as currently engaged in various businesses in the information industry, including mobile communications, fixed-line telecommunications, Internet services, and distribution.

This purchase was impressive for the global mobile games market but inconsequential when compared to Softbank’s $21.6 billion purchase of a 78% stake in Sprint Nextel Corporation.

The Supercell investment does now seem prudent with Clash Royale surpassing Clash of Clans at the top of the global online games revenues chart. A reportedly combined monthly revenue of $252 million. If these impressive sales figures continue a wise investment indeed.