Supercell are quite rightly proud of their track record in listening to the Clash of Clans community. A list has been produced detailing changes made as a result of this interaction.

The list is lengthy and it is difficult to judge how many of these changes were already being implemented by Supercell and how many were influenced by the community.

This list includes developments such as:

* Revenge attacks now count towards star bonus and league bonus
* Clicking on the “+” next to Builder icon/graphic brings up screen showing all builds/times/etc
* Win resources from defenses (Loot Cart)
* Ability to turn off snow animation
* Show Personal Break timer/time remaining
* Barracks troop queuing
* Donation interface showing existing donations
* Higher (than 1) trophy offers
* Clan Chat filtering
* Army training summary screen
* Storages immune to lightning
* Ability to queue spells
* Dark Spell Factory
* Defense ranges/toggling while under construction
* Clan Wars attack preview screen
* 1-time village name change
* Hero Icons show ability status in replays

The list goes on  and can be read in full here.

So, what’s on the horizon. There is plenty of rumour and speculation. The following are some improvements being considered by Supercell:

Quest Related:

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Quests:

This is perhaps one of the most requested features there are currently in Clash of Clans. A quests system would bring some new activities to do in the game, apart from the existing wars and farming for loot.

Clan Wars Related:

Make heroes usable in wars while upgrading:

The heroes represent a huge factor in the battles, especially in the wars. Making them usable in wars is an idea which has been suggested many times and is something which every player would want and desire. SuperCell officially commented about this idea that there are some technical difficulties in releasing this, yet it is still not ruled out.

Four star battle system for Clan Wars:

This is a suggestion which mainly focuses on the high level players, who struggle between a 2 star attack (not enough) and a 3 star attack (very difficult). This suggestion comes in to help those high level players achieve more than they would usually do, with the same amount of effort.

Clan War Tournaments:

Do you feel like the standard wars are not the enough? If you think you can give more than that then perhaps you would like the Clan War Tournaments suggestion. This would represent a battle between 16 different clans, all fighting at once for the gold, 1st place.

Clan Related:

Advanced Clanless Search:

Have you ever found yourself in the position of having a new clan and struggle to get worthy players to join your clan? A lot of people suggest features for how a player could easily find his desired clan, or a leader his desired members.

Clan Troop Bank:

Have you ever found yourself in the position of needing a troop for war, but no clan members are online to donate you? This suggestion introduces a way to have the troops you desire at all times, available in a Clan Troop Bank.

New Leadership Positions/Roles:

Do you feel like the current ranks in the clans are not enough and you want to differentiate your clan members more? This idea introduces some proposals for new ranks!

Fast Clan Transfer and Designating Sister Clans:

Do you have an allied clan? This suggestion introduces some options for how switching your account between multiple clans could be achieved. This option might be used by those clans which have allies, or by those clans who have academies!

List of previous clans activity:

Ever wondered where the new applicants for your clan have been before joining your clan? With this idea, you could have a small list of the last 3 previous clans the member has been in, along with the number of war stars achieved and total troops donated in each of the clans!

Battle Related:

No troops selected while nexting: I think it happened to every clasher to missclick the Next button and accidentally drop a troop, most of the times on bases not worth of attacking.

Follow this link and you could petition for these changes or request other features.