Supercell have clarified what they deem to fair play or actually what isn’t.

1. Third Party Software

Third party software consists of unapproved apps that manipulate gameplay. By altering game functionality, third party software aims to provide unfair advantages while potentially putting players’ accounts and privacy at risk.

Third party software includes:

  • Hacks, “mods”, or programs that unfairly alter game functionality
  • “Bots”, or gameplay automation services or scripts
  • Any other programs that aim to modify or provide unearned progress

2. Unauthorised Gem Selling & Game Economy Abuse

By exploiting private player data and stolen credit cards, certain websites and individuals sell in-game currency for real world money.

Such practices request private login data to access your account. While attached to your account, salespeople purchase in-game currency with stolen credit cards and/or payment fraud, without worrying about how the consequences may hurt you.

IMPORTANT: If you release your private logins to illicit parties, you are permanently putting not only your game, but also financial and online security into a high-risk situation.

3. Buying & Selling Game Accounts

Account salespeople advertise advanced accounts, and bait players eager to progress in gameplay with tantalizing and unrealistic promises.

The risks surrounding account sales are:

  • The seller may take your money and never give you the account
  • You cannot be sure that the seller won’t continue using the account
  • They may be selling the same account to multiple people
  • The account status is unknown; it could already be poised for permanent ban
  • The account will never be secure; Supercell cannot provide support for compromised accounts
  • If you choose to spend money on the account, it will still never actually belong to you

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