In March 2016 there was a huge Clash of Clans update. Here is a reminder of the changes:

New Content:
• Bowler – New Dark Elixir Unit available for (TH10)
• Hog rider level 6 (TH10)
• Goblin level 7 (TH10)
• Valkyrie level 5 (TH10)
• Mortar level 9 (TH11)
• Inferno Tower level 4 (TH11)
• Dark Barrack level 7 (TH10)

War Changes:
• Clan Wars matchmaking has been overhauled
• War sizes 35v35 and 45v45 have been removed to boost other war sizes
• New stat “War win streak” in Clan profile shows how many consecutive Clan War wins a Clan currently has
• War Events menu has been redesigned to be much more readable
• Number of remaining war attacks can be seen from the Clan War button when outside of the war map
• All replays can be viewed directly from My Team/Enemy Team summaries in War Details
• “Star button” has been replaced with a bigger “War Details” button on the bottom-right of the war map

• Builder Summary: Tap the Builder icon to see all in-progress construction
• Tap an entry in the builder summary to select it in the Village
• When attacking, army selection bar shows left/right scroll arrows if an un-deployed unit or spell is hidden off-screen
• Tapping the Loot Cart shows how many resources are inside before collecting
• Resource storages have more visual states to indicate more clearly how full or empty they are
• Exploding traps indicate their area of effect more clearly in battle
• Battles now end automatically if only a Poison Spell is remaining, and no longer end automatically if only an Earthquake Spell is remaining
• More replays are stored in the Defense Log and Attack Log, and are available for longer
• Army Overview shows time until training/brewing is complete, also accounting for active boosts