Guide to Mass Dragons at Town hall 7

Are you new to Town Hall 7 or are you looking to impress your clanmates, maybe you just want to improve your attacking skills to ensure three stars in war. Look no further, this is the guide to Mass Drags at TH7.

The guide is in two parts, first is the general basics you need to understand whilst using Mass Drags, the second section covers replays from YouTubers, so you can see this advice in action.

General Guide TH7 Mass Dragon

The following is a guide prepared by snipergunet and shared on the Supercell Forums.

This guide would show how to attack with Mass Dragons and how to defend against mass dragons. Some tips here may be used on higher town halls, if you are still using Mass Dragons, but Mass Dragon is common in TH7 and TH8. Less used in higher town halls.


I. Clan Castle Troops

When attacking with mass dragons, always make sure you have preferably level 6 balloons.

II. Which Spells to Use

There’s are probably a lot of spell compositions for mass dragons, most commonly, 3 Lightning or 2 Rage 1 Heal.

It depends on what kind of base the enemy is using. Like this base, it only needs 3 lightning spells as there is a separate air defense which you can zap and the 2 remaining ADs are at the mercy of your troops.

III. Always Check where the Air Sweeper is facing and choose the best way of attack

You should always attack from the sides the air sweeper isn’t facing. As Dragons are really slow, they really get affected by the AS, but most of the time, the air sweeper is facing its weak side.

For example, this base has 3 storages opposite the air sweeper, you think that’s the best way to attack? No it isn’t

But actually, attacking from the King’s side is the best idea, with only a chance of being stuck on 2 storages.

IV. Be aware of builders huts in the corner

Most of the time, people place builders huts in corners to prevent for a 3 star, this is very effective against mass dragons since dragons are very slow. You should try and pick off as many structures are you can, especially the ones in corners.

V. Proper Funneling

If you place the king where the red circle is and one dragon on the green circle, it will create a perfect funnel for the dragons for go to the center, where the air defenses are.

VI. Spell Placement

When I used to attack with Mass Dragons, I’d place my first rage spell when the defending cc troops start to bunch up, this should accelerate them to the core .Then I’d place my heal spell when my dragons get stuck on something, like a storage or defending troops and the air defenses are already attacking.

Then I’d use my last rage spell for the cc balloons and dragons to finish off the air defenses.

Note: There are many factors which may affect you attack, don’t blame it on your dragons if you did everything right.

This is just an example of how an anti drag base skeleton looks like

I. Make your air sweeper face your weak spot.

II. Set Skeleton Traps to Air and place them near High HP buildings

III. Put Storages and High HP buildings near air defenses to further slow them down

IV. Put builders huts in corners

YouTuber Contribution

The following are a selection of youtube guides to help with mass Dragon attacks by TH7.

The first video looks at funneling and explains the importance.

From Clashing with Andre

The second video, looks at the importance of the enemy Air Sweeper, Air Defences and Clan Castle.

Above from Amythical Gaming.

Above from One Hive Raids.